SH System Holder

The SH System-Holder is the optimally tailored main component, especially in conjunction with the inserts and the Murrflex cable protection conduits. Excellence in terms of stability, usability and flexibility ensures durability even under high dynamic loads.

The inserts that work with the system holder are the hose ring (SRF 56/7), the ball joint with cut out strain relief (KEG-K 56/70), the telescopic joint (KEG-AK 70), and the strain relief assembly (A-ZS 56/70). Different inserts and configurations are used to make tailor made solutions to the application. The inserts are available separately.

Fields of Application

  • Robotic Equipment
  • Equipment for handling automation
  • Machine Automation
  • Factory Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering / Machine Building
  • Plant Construction
Design Advantages

  • Durable Rigid Lightweight Design
  • Easy Installation in a System Holder
  • Safe locking of the System Holder with the stable vibration-proof red clip
  • Easily adaptable to dynamic or static applications